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Richard Marcus

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegas Casinos Bust Cheating Gambler For Not Paying $4 Million in Markers! Shame on Them!

Man, I hate when I read about casinos busting people for not paying their casino markers, mainly because the vast majority of those who don't pay their markers already have ruined their lives by losing everything they own in the casinos. I do realize that the casinos don't put a gun to anyone's head and force him or her to gamble, but they are the true masters of both regular and subliminal advertising, right?

The Wisconsin businessman charged with not paying his gambling debts was accused of trying to skate on nearly S4 million in markers, most of it from Caesars Palace (as you all know, my favorite casino!), and the remainder from the Hard Rock Casino.

Christian Peterson, 41, of Verona, Wisconsin, pleaded not guilty to one count of theft in connection with four markers and to two counts of drawing and passing a check without sufficient funds with the intent to defraud.

According to Peterson's attorney, his client went on a reckless gambling spree in 2008 and was an addicted degenerate gambler who needs therapy for his problem.

The indictment accused Peterson of trying to flee town like Flint, literally in a run for his life to get out of Vegas before he got caught. He'd moved his chartered flight-time up to evade casino hosts looking for him. They had the right to demand payment before he left the premises.

Peterson made it out of town and into the air--but then the pilot, receiving word from Vegas officials on the ground, actually turned the plane around and brought it back to Vegas.

"All of it is in dispute," Peterson's attorney, Chris Rasmussen, was quoted as saying.

My take: Getting the plane turned around on you like that is one tough beat! If Peterson ever tries a marker scam, he ought to try the Casino Credit/Identity Theft Scam on my Casino Scam of the Month page.


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