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Richard Marcus

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Watch Out Casinos...It's Sal "The Hitman" Piacente!

Who should be scared of Sal "The Hitman" Piacente? Wait a minute...just who is Sal "The Hitman" Piacente. Well, he's a card trickster who, I'm told, goes around to casinos showing them how my Savanah move works, and they pay him for it!

The other day I got an e-mail from Sal The Hitman calling me an idiot, a dick, and even saying that the whole casino industry knows I'm a joke. Sal The Hitman was pissed off about my recent article about Willy Allison's World Game Protection Conference, which he found on my blog. One has to wonder why Sal The Hitman bothers to read a poker and casino cheating blog written by someone "the whole industry considers as a joke."

Well, Sal The Hitman, I'm sorry you're pissed off. But I only told the casino industry my take on the World Game Protection Conference and casino game protection itself.

Casino Game Protection is not computer hackers, counter-terrorist experts, bank security heads, magicians and card tricksters, all of which comprise the lineup of Willy Allison's World Game Protection guest speakers.

What game protection IS is showing casino staffs how casino cheats operate, communicate, do cheating moves and how they get their ill-gotten chips to the cage exchanged for cash (a total operation in itself). Game Protection is training dealers and pit supervisors HANDS-ON how to watch for and defend against cheat scams. It is NOT standing in a huge auditorium doing powerpoint presentations and showing grainy surveillance footage and graphs to basically inexperienced surveillance, slots and table games people.

Oh, and speaking of "jokes," I would love for Sal the Hitman to answer me one thing?

Why would a credible person selling himself as a casino game protection consultant use the moniker "Hitman?" Is that some kind of scarey joke? Is he supposed to be a Mafia wannabee turned card trickster turned game protection consultant...or what?

I don't know if his "Hitman" moniker scares casinos into hiring him as a game protection consultant, but I will say that with his bald head, black leather coat and that heavy series of thick gold chains he wears that hang down his front, he certainly does look like one of the greasers from the movie "Grease." Take a look at his photo here...what do you think?

At the end of Sal the Hitman Piacente's e-mail to me, he advised me not to bother responding to it. He wrote that he wanted to speak about it "in person."

Was that a veiled threat? In any case, I hope the hitman doesn't whack me!


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