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Richard Marcus

Friday, March 05, 2010

Iowa Casino Bet-Capping Poker Cheat Banned For Life!

I guess if you're a casino cheat and you have to get banned from an entire state's casinos, it could be worse than getting banned from Iowa's!

Dustin O. Kendrick, 30, was sentenced to two years' supervised probation in Clinton County District Court for the felony charge of prohibited acts at a gambling game. Kendrick got busted for cheating in February 2009 on an Ultimate Texas Hold'em table at the Wild Rose Casino and Resort in Clinton. Apparently, he had palmed two $25 chips and then laid them atop of his original $50 bet after winning the hand, trying to bilk the Iowa casino for fifty bucks. The worst part about this for Kendrick is that the conviction is a felony, a big price to pay for a mere pittance of a crime.

In addition to the lifetime ban from Iowa casinos, he was fined $750, but the judge had the good heart to suspend that. However, Kendrick must seek treatment for his supposed gambling and alcohol addictions.

My take: Well, it's a tough break getting the felony conviction on that. I think Mr. Kendrick oughta keep out of casinos in EVERY state! But for life?
Nah!...Just until he gives up the thoughts of cheating.


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