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Book Reviews

"American Roulette provides the titillating thrill of being welcomed inside a forbidden world… Marcus and his gang of thieves have a brazen ingenuity, and enterprising criminal spirit that’s hard to resist. AMERICAN ROULETTE is as fun as it is revealing."

–Michael Konik, author of Telling Lies and Getting Paid and The Man with the $100,000 Breasts and other Gambling Stories

"Richard Marcus is that rarest of tour guides: a real insider who offers an unvarnished account of how he cheated casinos out of tidy little piles of money....a rare tell-all."

–Timothy L. O'Brien, author of Bad Bet: The Inside Story of the Glamour, Glitz, and Danger of America's Gambling Industry

"So much fun to read that this book deserves to be in two sections of every bookstore – Crime and Magic. One of the most original books on gambling and Las Vegas that I've ever read."

–Bert Randolph Sugar, author of The Caesar's Palace Sports Book of Betting

"It's a shame that Hollywood's Rat Pack is no more, because Marcus's account of his career cheating casinos (he is now retired-and not in a jail cell) would be the perfect vehicle for Old Blue Eyes, Dino, and the gang. It features high rollers, exotic locales, beautiful women, a detective obsessed with busting the protagonist, and tension in every move."

–Library Journal

"A fun read but don't try these tricks on your next trip to Las Vegas."


"American Roulette qualifies as a great book...a fascinating study in the hows and wherefores of casino cheating, as well as casino security...while Marcus is hardly a role model, his account is an interesting and often suspenseful glimpse into a world of which relatively few are aware. RECOMMENDED"


"Marcus (never caught and now retired) is likable and creates suspense as he takes on casino after casino...Readers find vicarious thrills sharing the rush of risking thousands of dollars against years in a Nevada prison."

–Publishers Weekly

"In this memoir, a grafter with a predator's understanding of human frailty recounts his true adventures swindling casinos the world over. Marcus's prose is so detail-rich it's as if you're fattening your pockets and running from the "steam" [i.e., angry casino muscle] right alongside him."

–Details Magazine

"American Roulette: Confessions Of A Cheat makes for fascinating reading. How Marcus and his team circumvented security measures and got away with their cheating make for some fascinating reading. This is a fascinating, well-detailed book. It should be read by anyone who thinks its easy to cheat, but might not realize how dangerous it is and the consequence if caught. Marcus survived, retired and has no regrets about his lifestyle. Few have been so lucky."


"While the dish that casinos serve may be illusory and never satisfying, American Roulette treats us to a feast where, for once, the tables have been turned."

–Las Vegas Mercury

"A great book…Marcus reveals entirely believable tales of how he swapped out chips and pulled all sorts of other scams against the Evil Empire"

–Detroit Free Press

"American Roulette informs the non-cheater of an interesting world of manipulative psychology that goes into conning dealers and planning heists"

–Las Vegas Weekly

"Fascinating Stuff...All the ins and outs offered up"

- Alex Witt, MSNBC, Right Now

"It¹s amazing, because they keep a very close eye on you when you walk up to those tables"

- Sam Shanethe, MSNBC, Right Now

"One of the most successful the game has ever seen… Reveals how he scammed over one million dollars without getting caught planning heists"

–Entertainment Tonight, Featured on ET's "The Insider"

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